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The Oral Sex Project is a meme where you can link your posts about fellatio (sucking cock) and cunnilingus (eating pussy). Tell me about your experiences of oral sex, of the giving and the receiving part.

Don’t you know what to write? Maybe these questions will help you:

Do you enjoy cock-sucking or eating pussy? Have you always enjoyed it or did you have to learn to enjoy it? What has changed for you to enjoy it, or maybe you have tried and you still don’t enjoy it? Has someone helped you to find it more enjoyable? In which way were you helped? Are there factors that have an effect on whether you do or don’t enjoy oral sex? Do you have favorite ways of performing oral sex, or receiving it?

If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me (see contact links in the left sidebar).

I thank you for your participation!

Liz BlackX